January 17, 2007

Adultery: Unpunished No Longer

Well, people from the good state of Michigan are finally paying attention to the brilliant ideas we stem on this page. In a strange and highly unpopular legal move among the sexually indigent, a legal loophole has made adultery a felony in the state of Michigan. An abrupt change of punishment from having to sleep on the couch to having to spend life in prison may seem a bit harsh to some people, but hey, don't do the crime if you don't want to have to go to jail for having consensual relations with someone from the opposite sex. Greetings from Michigan.

January 16, 2007

The More the Merrier

There is a new study that claims that with every older brother a boy has, it increases the likelihood of the boy being gay by 33%. And a boy with 11 older brothers would have a 50/50 chance of being gay. This study is leading scientists to hypothesize that something must remain in the womb after every time a male son is born to change the chemical conditions in the womb for future male siblings, affecting their sexual preference. Interesting. That is not the same hypothesis that I quickly come to.

January 15, 2007

Presidential Pool

Why does a presidential nomination have to come from such a small pool of politicians? For instance, George Bush Sr. was President. Then a few years later, when looking for a new president, they said, "I don't know. You think his son will do it?" Similarly, Bill Clinton was President. And now, "Hmm...maybe his wife can be President?" Seriously? Out of 300,000,000 Americans, we're forced to resort to sons and spouses because we can't think of anyone else. What the heck? Why couldn't someone like Steve Jobs run for President? What experience does politics give you for running a country besides running a country like a politician?

January 12, 2007

E-Ching for the Day

"It is a blessing that our memories do not allow us to dwell on our mistakes. It is a pity that this requires us making the same mistakes again."

January 11, 2007

Is There Something Better Than WalMartization

Ok, so I know I already resigned to the fact that the Walmartization of the world was inevitable. But, I thought of something today while listening to an advertisement for Lumber Liquidators on the radio. All the company does is one thing. They sell on-line. They buy in more bulk than Home Depot, Menards or the other WalMart wannabees of the home improvement stores can do, right? So, perhaps, with items than do not require convenient retail outlets, the single product Monopolization of the retail world is more likely than the current 1-stop-shop winning combination?

January 10, 2007

Tonight’s Speech Preview

Tonight, George W. Bush will give a prime time speech regarding the situation in Iraq, and his plan based on information obtained or ignored from the Iraq study reports. At 'All Opinions are Not Equal', we happened to obtain an early draft of the speech. "...Upon arduous study and solemn thought, I propose a time machine. Not only can our past mistakes be remedied, but future mistakes will no longer need to be avoided." Hmm, not too sure how that's going to go over. But, seriously, what is he supposed to say? With several parties over there that hate each other, what else can you do besides support majority rule? Defend the party the people elected, and give them power to rule. I don't know. Maybe Bush has an answer tonight.

January 9, 2007

Barack Hussein Obama

Seriously, that's his middle name...and seriously, that's his last name. And he admitted to using cocaine. This guy is taking the reverse political route of all of his predecessors, and frankly, the honesty approach is refreshing. But, will it work? For a guy who can clearly talk the moderate talk, he has a higher liberal rating than Hilary Clinton. He can talk the Bible Banger talk, but claims that there may be more than one way to heaven. And why do we call him black? His dad is African. His mom is from Kansas. He's just as much white as he is black, no? Barack Hussein Obama, courting the black, white, muslim population with his name alone. Give him a wheelchair and call it a landslide.

January 8, 2007

Who to Believe

So, I've been learning that I can find studies and statistics to prove any point that I want to make. Convenient for debates, but, unfortunately, my ideology bases most of its opinions on 'what works' and not the 'intention'. So, I tend to rely very highly on critical data to form my opinions. Yet, whether it's supply-side economics or evolution science, I can pretty much find an article to confirm whatever side of the argument I want to believe. So, if we can't believe everything we read and we can't believe ANYthing we read, how can we create a belief system?

January 5, 2007

One Step Ahead

So, Al Gore reportedly came up to Lindsey Lohan at some party last week, and told her that he would be willing to help her put together some "talking points", so that she can make a difference in the world with the leverage that she holds among the youth of America. Ok, that is seriously brilliant. 1 point for the dems.

January 3, 2007

Design Idea 102

When you go from an apartment to a house, eventually you will need to double your current possessions just to fill the empty rooms. Here is what I have learned from just having completed this. Do not buy high-end things that do not need to comfortable. Tables, dressers, CD racks, etc. Go to IKEA. It is very hard for an undiscriminating eye to tell the difference between a 20 lb. wood finished, plastic bookshelf for $40 and a 300 lb. cherry oak bookshelf for $400. Cheaper, lighter, easy decision. But, do not transition this IKEA/WalMart lifestyle to sheets, blankets, towels, etc. If you have extra money, spend it on stuff that touches your skin.