August 31, 2010

E-Ching for The Day

"The difference between being smart and being a genius is an insatiable sense of curiosity."

...big news coming tomorrow. Not about me being a genius. But about all of us acting upon what we now know.

August 30, 2010

Single Guys Who Chew With Their Mouths Open

I have noticed a pattern with both my single and divorced male friends. Most of them chew loudly with their mouths open while eating.

And, at first, I jumped to "oh, that's why they're single." But, it's obviously a result, not a symptom, right? Most of them eat most of their meals alone. And therefore, with no social norms or polite niceties to pay attention to, eat in the most efficient way possible.

It makes sense. And will make you feel sad the next time you're grossed out by it.

August 27, 2010

What is

If you don't have a Web site, you should really get one from these guys. I don't care what you do. Networking is essential for your future. And your name is your personal brand. Make sure it's pretty. is the easiest and most affordable way I've seen for the non tech-geek to do it. Check out the video.


August 26, 2010

Imagine You’re a Stalker

Consider the unique benefits of stalking in the 21st century.

You can leaf through pages and pages of photos of your target... that they have uploaded themselves for your convenience. You can see their answers to "What are you doing right now?" at any time - day or night.

Your target helps you maintain constant surveillance by utilizing GPS check-in with Facebook Places and FourSquare.

It's a relative golden age. You can even stalk from home if you want.

August 25, 2010

The Isolation of Being Charles Darwin

You're Charles Darwin. And your 5 years surveying the natural sciences around the world on the HMS Beagle have wrecked you.

Mainstream thought no longer seems possible. That every creature in existence had been created instantaneously in one fell swoop. That the fossil remains of extinct species are simply the ones that didn't make it on to Noah's Ark. These assumed truths no longer makes sense with what you're seeing.

And then you notice layers of seashell sediment on a nearby mountain. Realizing that this geology could have only happened over millions of years. Not the 6,000 maximum your peers all assume is possible.

Your no longer know what to believe. And you are all alone.

August 24, 2010

Life After Science: Identical Twins

200 years ago, before scientists had even the most basic understanding of genetics, what the heck must they have thought when a pregnant woman popped out identical twins?

August 23, 2010

If You Were Islam’s Image Consultant

You're a PR image consultant for the Church of Islam in America.

Your reputation here sucks. So, what do you do? Keeping in mind that you have no power to change legitimate articles of faith. Simply perception. What do you focus on? What would you want Americans to think of when they think of Islam?

August 20, 2010

My First and Likely Last Sermon Ever

This is a sermon I gave last week regarding the difference between the church today and the community in Acts 4. It was terrifying. I'm not cut out for it. But, if you're curious...

And we couldn't put the SNL Clip I Got This on our site for copyright reasons, so when I introduce it, you can watch it here.

August 20, 2010

The Horoscope Experiment Conclusions

Well, we don't really have any conclusions. Becky was the only one that really played along. But that actually did produce some me.

My goal was to predict broad, yet seemingly specific circumstances that would creep you out.

"You will have an awkward encounter with a tall man today."
Becky's husband is 6'8" tall. And without her verifying this, you'd have to imagine she could have found something if she had tried.

"You will experience a small amount of physical pain."
Becky is breastfeeding a 5-week angel named Louisa. (Congrats Becky!)

"Your day will not end up as you had originally planned it."
The day in the life of a 5-week old is, by definition, un-plannable.

After Becky's comment on Wednesday, I thought to myself, "woah, that's weird. I wasn't even thinking of Becky when I was creating these."

The project worked....on me. I confused coincidence for something else, and I acutely aware of what I was trying to achieve. If you were Becky, and you had a leaning to believe this stuff, wouldn't you?

August 19, 2010

Your Thursday Horoscope Experiment

You are going to feel embarrassed today in front of a small group of people. Try and laugh it off.

Report your results before tomorrow's wrap-up.