August 20, 2010

The Horoscope Experiment Conclusions

Well, we don't really have any conclusions. Becky was the only one that really played along. But that actually did produce some me.

My goal was to predict broad, yet seemingly specific circumstances that would creep you out.

"You will have an awkward encounter with a tall man today."
Becky's husband is 6'8" tall. And without her verifying this, you'd have to imagine she could have found something if she had tried.

"You will experience a small amount of physical pain."
Becky is breastfeeding a 5-week angel named Louisa. (Congrats Becky!)

"Your day will not end up as you had originally planned it."
The day in the life of a 5-week old is, by definition, un-plannable.

After Becky's comment on Wednesday, I thought to myself, "woah, that's weird. I wasn't even thinking of Becky when I was creating these."

The project worked....on me. I confused coincidence for something else, and I acutely aware of what I was trying to achieve. If you were Becky, and you had a leaning to believe this stuff, wouldn't you?