January 19, 2012

Your Kids SHOULD be Smarter Than You

When I hear parents complain about their teenagers thinking they're smarter than they are, I wonder if they might be right.

After all, this transition almost inevitably occurs. And I meet a whole lot of stupid adults on a regular basis.

The foundational knowledge kids are learning is far more advanced than when we went to school. 2nd graders are learning the math I learned in 5th grade. They are perpetually connected to information. From their peers. From wikipedia.

When I didn't know something as a kid, and my mom didn't know, she'd either have to make up an answer, or I'd have to stop caring. Today, an instant answer can be found for nearly every passing curiosity. Blind faith no longer needs to exist, so doesn't.

Kids today also have an inherent belief in transparency, liberty and freedom made possible by the Internet and the digital revolution. Their frame of reference is cleaner than ours. Less junk we always assumed was right. Less prejudice. More humility.

Your kids might already be smarter than you. And this is a good thing.