May 31, 2012

You Really Don’t Want That Job

Recently, I was talking to a friend of my mine who works as a professional political blogger - about his ideal long-term career goals.

I was surprised he didn't mention any sort of political office - even as a pie-in-the-sky fantasy job. So, I asked him why?

He replied, "Dude, those jobs are awful. They're no fun at all. The campaign is ok. But the day-to-day...if you want to do it right...reading thousand-page bills, taking angry phone calls... it's the worst job ever."

And it made me wonder if the jobs we all think we want aren't nearly as romantic as we'd hope. The fantasy of the chase might get us through the day. But, good God, if we were to actually catch these new careers?

When it comes down to it, I think I just want to be paid a whole lot more money and worshiped for my current work, without any new real responsibility.