August 21, 2007

“Willing” Socialism

I am setting up a shared movie program at my office. I did this at my last workplace as well. Everyone who wants to can willingly type up their movie library into an excel sheet, and combine them with other employees who do the same. Then, we have a "Your Company Name Goes Here" Movie Library. All who willingly share their own library can request to lend movies for free from other people's collections. Downsides. Some people's movie collections suck. They take all my good films, and I don't want to watch Bridget Jones' Diary. But, when I willingly sign up for this program, I am aware of the risks, and do it more so because I want my coworkers to be able to have access to a great collection of free movies than what I personally gain from it. Any other examples of where this "willing" socialism could work?