September 4, 2018

Why We Need To Treat Staff Better

Note: This post has been contributed.
When you’re in business, there’s a lot you have to cope with, especially on the shop floor. You have customers milling in and out, you have shelves to keep stocked and sorted, and you’ve got your staff to look out for. Your staff are the backbone of your business, the ones who keep it turning when you can’t; because of this, they need to come first in your business plan.
If you’re someone who’s looking to start a business, or you’re putting together your first payroll, or you’re just someone who’s looking to make better office relations a couple years into it, here’s the tips you need for making sure your staff are always treated properly.
Make sure the smiles on employee faces aren’t just there for show! (Source)
Good Relations = Good Atmosphere
This equation will always be relevant to a workplace, no matter the work they do inside it. As long as you’ve got some good relations amongst your workstaff, you’re going to have a much more positive feeling whenever you walk into work in the morning. And then there’s the idea that you could even start to make some friends; just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you can’t be approachable!
People such as Yvonne Yancy strive to promote this side of the HR department, as it’s very clear to experts that always having a positive office atmosphere, and clear boundaries with your staff, is the most effective way to succeed at business. You don’t want your internal relations bouncing around all the time - it’s a killer for productivity! So make sure you’ve always got ice breaking activities whenever someone new starts, that your staff are never in rivalry with each other (friendly competition is just fine, however), and that you’re never playing favorites.
It Makes for a Great Innovation Ground
If you treat your staff well, you’re going to have plenty of talent flying around, and the people under you are always going to go the extra mile for making sure customers are happy. And when the customers are happy, your profits are going to go up and up! So always keep the idea of allowing your employees to grow in your mind; they won’t treat you as a stepping stone when you put some good trust and the ability for initiative in their hands.
Not to mention, having two or three or four heads on a matter is always going to be better than just your own. So be sure to hand out managerial promotions whenever you see someone show the potential to handle one. And people will be happy to take on longer, harder hours for the time, attention, and money you lay at their doorstep! You have a clear eye for talent, make sure you don’t waste any that walks through your door.
Treating employees well means a company is always going to have a good business model on their side. If you’re an entrepreneur, make sure you’re playing by these rules above all else.