March 12, 2012

Why This Season’s Saturday Night Live is My Favorite

My friend Ryan recently explained why we're enjoying this season of  Saturday Night Live so much.

His theory? We are slowly getting closer to the ages of the head writers.

Comedy is cyclical. It is cultural. And our senses of humor are deeply shaped by our childhoods. For example, my generation is the Simpsons-Seinfeld generation. That's our baseline. Slightly dry. Slightly zany. Overtly sarcastic.

And that's where Saturday Night Live has been slowly moving these past three years with, Seth Myers, the host of Weekend Update, as the lone head writer.

If you stopped watching SNL during the 2000s (for good reason), give it another shot. Unless you're old. Then, go get rent some Best of Dana Carvey or something.

Just like I can't wait until our generation takes over design, politics and business, I'm really excited to see what SNL continues to evolve into. (Myers is actually 11 years my senior.) But, even now, I'm absolutely loving it. Because each year, I'm becoming more and more in charge of what gets written.