August 25, 2011

Why Real Football Fans Lose Fantasy Football Leagues

I love watching football. And I don't really understand a thing that's going on.

There's 22 men on the field at a time. People who really know football watch all of them. They look at formations. They watch the war between the guards and the tackles. They watch how the corner plays off the line. They predict offensive play calls and the defensive response to them. They watch football like its a chess game - because it is.

I only watch the ball. That's where the action is. That's where the excitement is. I like seeing huge runs, big hits, and diving touchdown passes. And it's really odd that I love a game so much in which I have no real idea what's going on.

But, because of this, I will beat you in fantasy football this year.

Because knowledge of the game has distorted your view of specific players. I base my valuations on nothing but statistical evidence. I will draft better than you do, understanding the Adam Smith comparative advantage of picking the last good player at a specific position over picking the best at another because of the depth that's there.

You understand great players and why they're great. And if we were managing an NFL game, I would beg you to take the reins. But, Fantasy Football is a behavioral economists' dream. And I will beat you this year.