June 25, 2012

Why I Hide 70% of my “Friends” on Facebook

Everyone's Facebook experience starts out pretty great.

You immediately "friend" the people closest to you. And now you have this news feed of your favorite people, sharing with you in real-time, news about your very favorite people.

But by definition, as your # of Facebook friends increases, the quality of your news feed goes down.

Because you stray further and further from your inner circle each time you add someone. From closest friends to college friends. High school friends. Church friends. Extended family. That guy I met that one time that I think is friends with Jeff somehow?

If you add a new Facebook friend today, it's probably because you either just met the person, or you were never that close to begin with.

Now there is a small chance this new friend will enter your inner circle over time, but the odds are greater that the quality of your news feed just went down a little.

"But, what if they're really interesting and funny, Eric?"

They absolutely could be. But we also might disagree on what "interesting" and "funny" are. After all, the reason your closest friends are your closest friends is because you probably happen to think, act and live fairly similarly. You share interests. You share humor. You share worldviews. You share the same preference for what Facebook should be.

For me, I just want to be entertained. I want you to make me laugh. I want you to make me think. I want you to show me cool things I haven't seen. That's why I'm on Facebook.

And if your Facebook posts don't do those things, I'm going to hide you.

But, we can still be friends.