March 10, 2011

Why I Haven’t Done a Post on Charlie Sheen Yet

Why haven't I done a post on Charlie Sheen yet? Because I haven't come to any conclusions. But what spurred me to reach out today was this tweet by Rainn Wilson. "Charlie Sheen was the best thing that ever happened to Mel Gibson." And that helped me realize one thing. I'm not mad at Charlie Sheen at all. Charlie Sheen's "self-destruction" is less angering to me than the violent, rage-filled outbursts from Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin and Christian Bale. Perhaps I'm willfully ignoring the verbal abuse from Sheen's previous relationships, which ex-wife Denise Richards claims. It's probably because I didn't hear it myself. Whereas, I heard Mel's. I heard Alec's. I heard Christian's. But right now, I simply hear the claims of a man who thinks he's the greatest in the world. And I have this debate with people a lot. That it is impossible for Michael Jordan to be arrogant. That's why I presented the question yesterday. While I think and have blogged that Two and a Half Men is a disgrace to the human conscience, it's the most popular comedy on television. Why wouldn't he think he's special? He is.