March 18, 2010

Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol

I know it's unfashionable today, even for a Christian. But, my wife and I are teetotalers (don't drink at all). My reasons have changed over the years. Family history. Religious conviction. Seeing the negative effects firsthand. Misappropriated legalism. But now, I think the main reason I don't drink is because it's quite clear that people aren't mature enough to handle it. The next time you hear people talking about drinking, pay attention to the conversation. Do you hear things like, "After the first glass of wine, I was feeling pretty tipsy..." followed by a chorus of "hahahahahahas!"? Or you're having a normal conversation with people, and they say, "You know what would make this meeting better? A 6-pack!" followed by another chorus of "hahahahahahhahas!" Or as early as 9 AM you hear, "You know what would make this coffee better? If we Irish'd it up a little!" followed by a chorus of "hahahahahahs!" These are the same jokes that made me stop drinking when I was 18 years old, less than 6 months after I had started. Witnessing the stupidity of collegiate freshman was enough for me to hate both the idea of, and the effects of alcohol. And now, I've realized this mentality has nothing to do with age. We're getting older, but not growing up. We still think it's funny when someone talks about needing a drink at the end of a hard day. And not only do we encourage them in this feeling, but help rationalize that they (and ourselves) deserve it. Rather than working to change the circumstances that 'cause this mental desire to relax through alcohol. And that's terribly sad. Start listening and you'll learn to hate it, too.