December 9, 2009

Why Grover Cleveland Sucked: The Song

#22. and #24. Grover Cleveland

Em, G, D/F#

number 22 and number 24
how could this be true?
we got sick of you
subsequently missed you mister Cleveland

you were president
then you lost the next election
than we came to all our senses
said we could do worse than Grover, maybe we didn’t think this over?

‘cause you made the ISS
our first agency
that made it technically legal
do whatever what we want
its purposed claim
to make wages fair
but if you give a mouse a cookie
you know where it goes from there

oh it’s the ISS
you’re the one for us
you can fix everything
that we find unjust
make it illegal to do things we don’t like
or just out of spite,  out of spite, out of spite, out of spite

regulation, salutation, save the nation from temptation
straw foundation, abberation, turn frustration, celebration
forced donation, false salvation, top vocation, compensation
constipation desparate for an explanation.