March 29, 2018

Why Faith Is A Virtue All By Itself

Note: This post has been contributed.

Faith is a virtue all by itself. It’s difficult for many modern people to understand this. While religious belief in some form or another has been a core component in all societies around the world, it can be difficult to get that through to someone who isn’t interested. Of course, forcing beliefs on others is never healthy, but it can be worthwhile to discuss the benefits of faith to make it seem attractive to those who might one day need it.

We have collected some benefits of faith that are hard to ignore. They are as follows:

Faith Aims You Towards The Highest Good

The highest good is often the best place to start. None of us stick to the complete ideal as we all are flawed in our own way, but that doesn’t mean having something to strive for is useless. In fact, quite the opposite. Faith keeps us oriented in the best livable reality we can conceive for our lives to be part of. Without this grounding, it’s easy for people to fall into disarray. It might be that reading Jesus quotes in the morning can help you start your day with compassion and strength.

 It might be that trusting in a higher plan can help you through the most difficult of circumstances. The world is complex and overly strange, and having an ethical and moral aim can help us stay strong and sharp in that environment. Faith is not a weakness, rather something that helps us stand up stronger and stay humble in that effort.

Faith Keeps You Humble

Humility is a big part of a happy life. Not because you should feel that your achievements mean nothing in comparison with the grandeur of the world. It’s more that keeping humble allows you to calibrate your intent. Instead of working hard to help people in your community for pride and to get recognized as citizen of the year, you enjoy genuinely connecting to people. You understand that it’s a privilege and a gift to be able to do so, even in the hard times. This keeps you not only well targeted towards what you hope to do, but fills you with an inner richness that any superficial intent can never replicate.

It Keeps You Safe

When you have faith, you have a behavioural framework. You can attribute all your actions within the scope of a certain framework. It’s easier to stay strong in your morals, and prevent being swayed by bad people in your life. It allows you to take pride in your wisdom and maturity, and not be fooled into thinking this is somehow unmanageable or something that makes you naive. It also helps you against the general proclivity of feeling existential dread. After all, we all know that life is finite and difficult. To have something that keeps us happy, connected, progressive, well calibrated with life and filled with meaning is something that many people would love the chance of experiencing. It’s best to be grateful for this, and try to expand it where possible.

In summary, faith is a wonderful thing. No matter who you are, you can derive some value from it. So, be sure to experience this where you can. You’re sure to see the benefit quickly.