November 3, 2018

Why Being Eco-friendly Should Extend Beyond The Home

Note: This post has been contributed.

With awareness increasing in recent years when it comes to the effects of things like climate change, and more implementation of environmentally-positive things like recycling and decreasing use of plastics, it’s fair to say that things are definitely moving in a positive direction regarding taking care of the environment, but there’s still a good way to go before any major impact will be noticed rom these changes.

The majority of those making or being required to make changes are private households, and although it’s great to see eco-friendly practices being embraced, if you’re a business owner, you can make a contribution, too.

Below we’ve listed some tips for you to help you make your business more eco-friendly.

Encourage Cycling To Work:

We all know that cars are bad for the environment, and although public transport is slightly better, it’s also not great. Although it’s not going to be practical for everyone to cycle to work, it doesn’t hurt to start some kind of initiative within your company to help encourage your staff to use a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation. You may even want to incentivize in some way, such as through bonuses or even vouchers towards bikes.

Use Reusable Containers:

Many workplaces offer some kind of facilities for staff to store food and make coffee, so instead of using disposable cups, food containers, and even cutlery, you can clamp down on the plastic use by either supplying reusable containers for all staff, or encouraging them to bring their own.

Change Your Lighting:

Some types of lights are definitely better for the environment because they use less energy whilst still offering an effective solution for businesses who need strong lighting. Whether it’s lighting to go in LED Signs for Churches, nightclubs, or simply just natural lighting for your office, it’s always a good idea to evaluate your energy usage and look at where changes can be made.

Use Laptops: 

Although computers of any kind aren’t exactly friends of the environment, laptops are certainly more energy efficient when compared to desktop computers since they don’t require to be constantly plugged into an energy source. 

Aside from the environment issue, laptops are also more practical since they’re portable, so when you buy laptops for your staff, you won’t have to get them a second computer if you need them to go on a business trip or to meetings. 

These tips are not only easy and effective, but they cost very little, and often far less than the less eco-friendly ways that people have become accustomed to.

In order to see any real, lasting changes when it comes to the environment, of course, starting at home is great, but it really has to go beyond that, and encouraging these good practices within the workplace will likely have a knock on effect that helps more people implement changes at home, work, and even school.

You certainly don’t have to do anything that’s not practical or sustainable for your business, but simply starting where you are with what you have is already enough to make a lasting difference for future generations.