January 14, 2011

Who Do They Say That I Am?

One more music-related post before we go back to random-land next week.

Whenever people used to ask me what our band sounded like, I never knew what to say. So, I'd say stuff like "it doesn't really sound like anything else," implying that we're SO incredibly original, that even to compare us to someone way better than us would be an insult to our ingenuity.

This was obviously insane. And EVERY band does it. We all think we're breaking the mold. Creating new genres. And to a very slight extent, we are. But, everyone else in the world thinks you sound like someone else. For instance, we sound like Sufjan Stevens meets Radiohead.

This thought was echoed at church this past week, when Jesus' line from Matthew 16:13, "Who do they say that I am?" came up. He understood this reality. That the human brain works like that. Putting people into categories. Comparing them. Withholding the option that a new reality is coming to pass.

And his contemporaries were quick to put Jesus in one of those boxes. "Some say John the Baptist. Others Elijah. Others Jeremiah, or one of the prophets."

We don't understand the concept of something new. And that's why we rarely create it.

But, I'm going to try.