June 6, 2016

What Will Obama’s Legacy Be?

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As each month ticks by, we come closer and closer to the US presidential election date. On November 8th, a new candidate will take over from Obama, and move into The White House. At this moment in time, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two front runners. We’ve already seen an intense campaign, and things will heat up, even more, I’m sure.
But, today we’ll forget about the future, and look at the past. President Obama has been at the helm for eight years. When he burst onto the scene, he promised change. He wanted to fix America and lead us to a brighter future. As his tenure draws to a close, I think it’s interesting to look back at what he’s done. What will his legacy be?
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The main thing Obama will be remembered for is his Obamacare. He campaigned to change the health industry in America, for the greater good. Millions of uninsured patients are now covered thanks to Obamacare. It was a system that helped to provide Americans with access to high-quality healthcare. Before this, only the rich could afford the best care possible. It was met with great praise from Americans, and they loved him for it. But, as seen on http://www.takingonissues.com/, some are skeptical about it. They say it’s confusing and costs taxpayers money. Regardless of what you think, it’s a policy that he’ll be remembered by forever. And, Hillary Clinton looks to continue with Obamacare if she wins the election. So, his legacy will live on through future presidents.


Another key talking point about his presidency was education. Obama signed legislation that helped reform higher education in America. He stopped student loans from being controlled by corporate fat cats. Instead, he made them affordable and even implemented a system to make it easier to pay them back. Non-wealthy students were no longer unable to afford a college education. It made for a fairer playing field and gave the less fortunate a chance to succeed.


The threat of terrorism has remained constant throughout Obama’s reign. Currently, ISIS is the biggest worry regarding world terror. As per an article on http://time.com/, he said some acts of terror will never be stopped. But, he also mentioned how they’ve dealt with the main threat of terrorism. They’ve stopped terrorists from having the means to carry out massive attacks like 9/11. And, it must be remembered that Obama was the president when Bin Laden was captured and killed. On the larger scaled, it can be argued that he dealt with the war on terror well. There haven’t been any huge attacks like 9/11 during his reign.
So, what will Obama’s legacy be? He’ll leave The White House having created life changing policies for many Americans. It should also be noted how he cut unemployment
rates dramatically too. There will be groups that think he failed, but that’s natural. In my opinion, he’s done a good job, and the country is in a better shape now than in 2008.