March 9, 2010

What is

If you're friends with any high-schoolers, you've probably seen links to their own formspring pages pop up on Facebook recently. It's actually a pretty ingenious idea. The site gives you the ability to send in anonymous questions to the person that they respond to publicly. So yes, the site tends to quickly become an "i have a crush on you." "cool, who are you?" "i don't want to say." type environment. But, I really like the idea behind the site. I see a real potential for friends being able to tell things to each other that they wouldn't say publicly - in fear of getting their friends mad at them. In fact, I had that situation come up recently. I have a friend who's doing something that's bugging a lot of their friends. And yet, none of us want to address this because of how awkward the situation would be. But, if WE, as their friends won't say anything, what chance do any of us have in becoming better people? So, I would like to open up the comment section today for you to anonymously voice things about me that you wish I would change/do differently. I am legitimately looking to improve the way I come across to people, and would like to know how I irk you, so that I can avoid doing it in the future. Stab away.