January 6, 2009

What Are We Doing Here? Part Two

Over these two weeks, our hope is to overcome Sleigh Track Logic, sorting through all of the things that make sense and determine what makes the most sense. I saw a video once where some guy on the street asked people A) if they believed in Heaven, and B) to describe what it's like. It was really funny to hear each person's unique answers to these questions, and wonder where they developed this imagery that they verbalized. Then the guy asked each person if they believed they'd go to heaven when they died, and why. These explanations were even more bizarre. Each person tended to have unique rules for entry, and coincidentally, most seemed to make their own cut. The typical rationale consisted of some sort of ethical comparison between themselves and other people. As if somehow, the actions of others would slide the grading scale of heaven in their favor. So, my question is A) Do you believe you're going to heaven? and B) Do you have any compelling reason to believe it?