March 24, 2011

WalMart’s Boy Scout PR Trade-off

Every time I go to Walmart, I have to sneak by either the boy scout beggars, the screaming girl scouts, the in-uniform baseball team or more.

I walk out of my way to avoid them. I see other people doing the exact same thing. So, why on earth would Walmart allow this annoying solicitation?

They have to. After all, they're Walmart. They're the big bad mom-and-pop shop killer, anti-union, behemoth of capitalist carnivores. That's why they hire the functionless greeters and allow pan handlers to surround you upon both exit and entry.

They need to be able to say they hire more 65+ and special needs workers than any other business. They need to be able to say they support more local organizations in the community than any other business.

That's the trade-off. That's what it takes to offer the lowest prices and still be invited to the party.