November 5, 2007

Tricked into It

I was always a 2% milk kind of guy. Went to college, filled my bowl of frosted flakes with the pump marked 2% in the cafeteria every morning. Went home on Christmas break, drank a glass of 2% milk, and spit it right out. It tasted like cream to me. What I didn't know is that the school cafeteria had been using 1% in the 2% container. But, mentally, since I wasn't aware of the change, I became accustomed to it. The same thing happened to me recently with light potato chips. My wife packed Ruffles light potato chips made w/ Olestra (yes, my wife packs a lunch for me, she's amazing) into my lunch, and I didn't notice the difference. But, these have no fat. So, it seems like the only way I can exhibit a healthy lifestyle is if I'm tricked into it. Deception...that's the key.