January 6, 2021

Top Hobbies To Take Up This Year

Note: This post has been contributed.

Photo by Daian Gan from Pexels


It is a new year and that invites in plenty of opportunities to take up some new hobbies. It could be that you are looking for something new to do outside, to get healthier, or you just want to add something new to your skillset. Whatever the reasons, there are so many things to think of. Hobbies are great for both your mental and physical health. They allow you to destress and keep your mind busy on something other than any worries you might think about daily. They also allow you to get out and about or just focus on something completely different, learning new skills and becoming a more well-rounded person. If you are looking for some top outdoor hobbies to take up this year, here are just a few ideas…


1. Painting

Painting is a fantastic hobby to take up. Not only does it leave you with a new skill, but you can also create paintings to go up around your home. There are many different types of painting too, so it is a good idea to have a play around with different mediums and styles and see which one you prefer. Whether you decide to go for watercolor, acrylic, or oil paints, each provides different finishes that will look great on your wall!


2. Fishing

If you are looking for a hobby that will get you right in the midst of nature, then fishing is a great one to choose. It is particularly good for when the weather is nice, you can head out with your equipment, pack a lunch and sit by the water taking in your surroundings. There is plenty of research you can do about fishing to help you in your quest to be successful and you can also teach yourself about the various different fish to be found. Make sure you have all the right equipment for where you are fishing, for example, lures for walleye if you are going Walleye fishing.


3. Cooking

Not only is cooking a great hobby that will help to feed your family and friends, but is great fun too! You will learn how to experiment with different ingredients and flavors and find out what works together and a whole host of new dishes to try. Why not look into a cookery school or course that you can enroll in? It is a great way to meet new people, learn a new skill and really get stuck into the action.


These are just a few ideas of hobbies that you could take up in 2021. Why not speak to a friend or family member and ask if they want to take these up with you? It can be a great motivation if someone else does it too, and also a common interest that you will have to do together. It is a much better and more sociable way to spend time together than sit on phones or watch a TV series! What are some top hobbies you are looking to take up this year? Let us know!