June 6, 2011

Too Selfish for Communal Living

Francis Chan's "Crazy Love" recently provoked my friends and I to discuss the potential beauty of communal living. Mind you, this required a whole lot of conversation to get me there, so I will not presume you see this "beauty" initially, but rather the disastrous horror that would surely come from it.

In fact, I'm sure many of you can empathize with my hold-ups. One discussed benefit was the idea that we could share our talents to lessen our individual expenses. For instance, one of the girls in this discussion is a professional hair stylist. So, in this communal living scenario, we would never have to pay for haircuts again. My wife is a great cook. So, we wouldn't have to pay to go out to eat. And I could....create personal branding campaigns for these individuals and play devil's advocate during our lively political debates??

The idea of getting free haircuts for life is appealing. But even if my personal talents could offer a utilitarian consumer service in return, I still think I'd be doing the math in my head - keeping track of who's getting the best out of this deal.

The only way I could get past this is if I actually loved these people like they were my own family. Then, I wouldn't keep score. And perhaps we shouldn't buy neighboring houses until I do?