August 3, 2007

Tic-Tac Commercial Concept

(visually minimalistic, but bright office environment) cut to man sitting at his desk who pulls out an encyclopedia sized reference book off his desk entitled, "Tic Tac's 1.5 Calorie Exercise Guide" man opens to page that contains a silhouetted man leaning back in his desk chair, laughing. Underdeath the photo it says, 3 calories = 2 Tic Tacs. He spins around in his chair, and trips a second man walking by. The second man falls, and the first man leans back in his desk chair, laughing loudly. He regains composure and pops two tic-tacs in his mouth. cut to shot of tic-tac box on a white background. narrator says, "Tic-Tacs. Only 1.5 calories each." cut to first man chasing the second man down the hall trying to trip him again.