March 1, 2012

This is Austin?

Austin, Texas: "It's like a bunch of 17-year olds set out to create the coolest city ever, gave up after 2 blocks, and spent the rest of their lives doing drugs."

I apologize for the blog silence this week. I was down in Austin at a conference for work. But I'm back with a re-cap.

Austin was one of those places I always thought I might want to live - despite never having been there. And I was disappointed. But how can you not be - when you think it might be your Eden.

And that was my main takeaway from this weekend.

I met people from Canada. From Texas. From New York. From California. And no one was really happy with where they were.

Even the girl from Fresno, who's minutes from the ocean, and minutes from skiing in the mountains.She loved it. But talked about wanting to give Denver a try. Or maybe give Spokane a try.

The lesson I learned was that we will always be discontent, because this is not our home. And that's not saying we should settle where you are - but not to think a city alone can solve the discontent in our soul.

More soon.