September 26, 2008

Things That Stick With You

Isn't it funny? The moments in your life that stick with you so vividly? I can remember every broken arm (four) and the lead-up to the disaster. I can remember the time where I stole a girl's cracker, and became terribly afraid of the consequences as she ran to tell on me. I can remember self-sacrificing moments from both of my parents. Pretty much every part of my wedding day. And one moment from several years ago. I was playing ultimate frisbee with some friends. I didn't have much experience at the time, and threw the frisbee quite off mark. Then, this guy looked at me and said, "Well, let's just chalk that up to yet another thing you're not any good at." He laughed. I had a single second of anger and desire to defend myself well up within me. Then, the next was my bewildered reaction to that reaction. Because I do desire to be better than everybody at just about everything. And I do understand how silly and counter-productive that desire is. I often wonder why we remember the things we remember. But I think, at least in this case, it's because I'm supposed to.