April 12, 2010

The World is a Thimble

Last August, weeks before an episode had even aired, a couple of friends and I started a podcast about the ABC show, FlashForward. This first to market strategy paid off. It caught the attention of one of the lead writers on the show, Quinton Peeples, who has been a source and friend ever since. And since then, he has been promoted to co-producer. Now, we chat routinely with him as well as the show's Executive Producer, Jessika Borsickzy. Early on in our show's history, Iain Mackinnon called in one week with some thoughts from Scotland. Loved his voice. Loved his enthusiasm. Loved his insights. So he became a weekly contributor on the show. Last week, they introduced a new character on the show... Ian McKinnon. This is what living in the 21st century is like. It's wild. It's crazy. And it's all about who you know. And yes I'm jealous, but I've been told I'm getting a shout-out in episode 20. I'll keep you posted.