June 21, 2006

The Right Lane is for Retards

I’m aware of the sensitivity of that term, but it cleverly portrays the anger that I feel after the drive to work this morning. Why do people want to drive under the speed limit on the highway in the left lane? And then if you wait patiently for over a minute for them to see you in their rear view mirror, realize their inferiority and move over to the right lane…but they don’t, and then you pass them on the right lane and they act completely offended and start to speed up. Then the next 20 minutes are a double dog dare game of “I can go that fast too, and then cut you off before your exit”. I propose a federal mandate that there be signs on all major highways matching the title to this post. So, then, if you are lacking in the realm of mental capacity, you know which lane is for you. I guess the subjectivity of that would be hard to enforce, but it could begin on a willing basis. Any better thoughts without allowing carry and conceal?