May 26, 2011

The Playoffs Have Me Regretting Canceling Cable

Remember to comment on my post from Tuesday about figuring out what kind of intelligence I should be seeking, and where I should move to find it.

Tonight, the Bulls have their last chance to keep their hopes alive in the Eastern Conference Finals against the superstar-laden Miami Heat.

I have yet to watch a playoff game. This because I gave up cable. And while I love my Netflix and Hulu Plus via Roku, the Bulls games are only shown on TNT, not on local channels. This sucks.

If the Bulls happen to make the finals, I will get to watch the series on ABC. Until then, TNT has effectively monopolized the playoffs. At least during this series, they have been displaying the games online via But, you are stuck watching a 4-camera angle (all of them bad) view of the game on your laptop. It's awful.

Can I call a Marx foul here? Should sports only be accessible by the wealthy? Won't someone think of the poor? Or at least the well off who thought they were being clever?