February 14, 2011

The Next Evolution of the Cowboy

What makes a man? More specifically, when you think of a "man", who do you think of? Some may jump to the most famous of men, movie actors, with Brad Pitt and George Clooney instantly coming to mind.

And others may quickly scoff at the notion that those metrosexuals even constitute a man, as they look back at the Clint Eastwood cowboy generation as perfect depictions of the ultimate "man's man". But we're no longer in the old west. And those cowboys aren't really around anymore.

So, who has replaced them? What are our options? Well, let's spin the question around. When you think of the opposite of a woman, what comes to mind? The opposite of femininity must be big, fat, stupid, sloppy and hairy, right?

Is that a man? Or can we accept the next evolution of cowboy's metrosexual downside simply to escape the possibility that our new "men" might have a cave- prefix.