December 14, 2006

The Evolution of War, Part 2

So, I recently got to hear the story of my friend's brother-in-law who has been in Iraq for most of the last 4 years. I'd heard stuff similar to his story in the news a while back, but coming from him, it made it more real for some reason. So, this guy was a tank driver. And a couple of years ago, another U.S. tank driver was driving through an Iraqi city and an Iraqi threw his 2-year old son out in front of the tank. The tank came to a stop so as not to injure the child. And six men jumped out from a building with machine guns and shot the men in the tank. So, after that day, U.S. tanks were ordered not to stop for anything when going through cities. So, my friend's brother-in-law informed me that several times as a tank driver over the last two years, he has run over infants and small children thrown out in front of his tank. Someone else listening to this conversation stated, "That really says something about the moral character of those people over there." I don't think that could possibly be it. Bad people don't intentionally slaughter their children. This is something far worse. And even though recent Iraq study reports have suggested that President Bush have civilized, diplomatic peace discussions with the leaders of Iran, Syria, etc., perhaps there is not a universal interest in peace.