August 29, 2012

The Ethics and Temptations of Driving an Armored Car

An armored truck driver recently admitted to stealing $15,000 from his truck.

Upon his dismissal, the man's boss told reporters who had found humor in the story, "It happens all the time."

It's there every day. Sitting behind you. Bags and bags of cash. The opportunity is always there.

So does the profession of "armored truck driver" really attract a more malicious individual, or do the temptations of those job responsibilities simply bring out the criminal within you?

Or put differently, is Kobe Bryant innately immoral and an adulterous wretch - or might you eventually break to countless women perpetually begging to sleep with you every night?

Were the guys at Lehman brothers innately immoral - or did they just have an easier opportunity than most?

Ever pirated music? Are you immoral? Or was it just really easy to do?

Are we good because of our innate goodness or because of a lack of opportunity to be all that bad?