December 29, 2010

That Kind of Thing May Fly in California

After yet another guffaw from a family member around the Christmas table this year, my wife leaned over to me and whispered, "Well, on the plus side, you always get great blog material here."

She's right.

Specifically, what I got with that exchange was wonderful insight into what the average apathetic churchgoer thinks about the church.

"So, our new Priest scheduled a congregational luncheon and assigned seats so we'd have to meet different people in the church. I don't know what he was thinking. That's not what a luncheon is for!"

"Umm, I think that's exactly what a luncheon is for."

"Well, it was just stupid. I mean, that stuff may fly in California (where the priest came from), but not here."

Of course. What was I thinking? What could community possibly have to do with the church?