November 22, 2006

Thanks for What?

A year ago today, I went to one of the coolest church services I have ever been to. It was a small turnout on the Wednesday night before Thanskgiving, and people were asked to share publicly something they wanted to give God thanks for. Now, typically, when a pastor asks the congregation to share testimonies, people don't often tend to share anything unless it's a miraculous healing or someone coming to know Christ. But, on this night, everyone shared. People shared the new job they were at, the new relationship they were in, the fact that the leaves were beautiful, that they were on better terms with their children again, and there were indeed stories of healing and salvation. But, it was mostly people being completely honest about these little things that they attributed to God. And it was powerful. And by the end of the night, we all started to realize that if God was doing all of these good things in all of these people's lives, then maybe He could do some good stuff in our lives as well. It was a cool night. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!