October 5, 2009

Sophisticated Garbage

The Food Network has pushed me on my way to becoming a food snob. Because the Food Network is a channel that both my wife and I can enjoy, I watch a lot of it. And I've learned a lot, and grown in my appreciation for good food. But, you know those "meat & potatoes" kind of guys? Well, I don't even like potatoes. I'm a meat guy.
I also eat cereal with cartoon characters on the boxes every morning, and candy on a nearly daily basis. But, my wife is an insanely good cook. And she knows exactly how to sophisticate the dining experience for my very narrow palette.
It makes me wonder if there can be a gateway drug to food snobbery. Junk food with layers of flavoring that even a gourmand would appreciate.
If some company is already doing this, link us.