May 19, 2011

Smart Phones in the Hands of Dumb Children

Yesterday, I was taking a run through my neighborhood. Past a group of kids ages 8-10, walking home from school. Cute kids. All huddled around one girl's smartphone.

"Look! See, it's spelled A-S-S-H-O-L-E."

After escaping my immediate shell shock, I hearkened back to my own 1st-grade experience on the bus. Through the condensation on the window, my friend wrote "F U K"

As a shadow of the copywriter I would one day grow up to be, I quickly corrected him by inserting the "C" and finishing the curse, satisfying not the rebellion but, rather the grammar warrior inside me.

He didn't believe me. The bus driver did, though. And I ended up running home crying to confess to my mother. If only I had a smartphone at the time. What a brave new world we live in. More Luddite-talk tomorrow.