May 20, 2011

Smart Phones in the Hands of Dumb Children: Part Two

...(a Luddite-confessional continuation)

When I was in 3rd grade, a kid brought a Playboy magazine to school in his backpack. A couple of kids went and looked. I didn't want to for a few reasons.

1) The kid was creepy. And now, I imagined his dad as a horribly disgusting creature for actually owning a a magazine like this.
2) I had a strong fear of authority. I knew this kid could get in trouble for it (which he did), and didn't want to be involved.
3) Others would see me peek.

Looking back, this last reason was probably the most powerful out of all of them. I didn't want to be associated with this gross kid and his gross father. Yet, if as a 3rd grader, I had a smartphone at the time, I could have publicly kept an impression of moral fortitude, but later peeked under the guise of anonymity.

Was it inaccessibility that protected my mind? Today, children have no barriers to informational access. This is a wonderful thing. This is a dangerous thing?