January 4, 2010

Sleigh Track Logic: Revisited

We began 2009 looking at Sleigh Track Logic and why we we believe the things we do. To refresh everyone's memory, the phrase "Sleigh Track Logic" comes from my friend and oft-contributor Emily's cousin's parents, who go out of the way to make the magic of Santa Claus extra special for her. More than just taking a bite out of the cookies she leaves for him, they go out and create indentations in their front yard, claiming they are tracks from Santa's sleigh. This now 8-year old believer made it through this year once again, after her mother resorted to time travel logic to explain how Santa could visit each house in one night. This girl is going to believe in Santa for the rest of her life. The evidence is overwhelming. (bitten cookies, sleigh tracks, the affirmation of her most trusted authorities). We believe in things with a whole lot less than that. But the reason we stop believing in Santa Claus is because we are given alternative evidence to explain acts we had attributed to him. So this year, let's begin 2010 looking at the things we don't believe in, and ask ourselves why?