March 27, 2012

Sabbath: Taking Sunday Off

I never understood the idea of the Sabbath.

Taking Sunday off.

I think I thought something about the day itself was holy. That since Sunday was church day, we were supposed to honor the rest of the day, too.

Now, I'm starting to think God just wants us to take a break.

And it wasn't until this new period of my life when I'm busier than I've ever been that I realize I need this.

I need a day of rest.

So, the last few weeks, I've been making my Saturdays a little worse. Staying up late and making sure all my freelance work gets done in order to make sure my Sundays can be free - with only church and spending time with my wife and Daylia on the schedule.

And it's been pretty awesome. Refreshing. Recharging.

It doesn't always work. Stuff gets in the way sometimes. But, it's become a priority we're shooting for at our house.

I get the Sabbath now. Just like other "God rules", they're not weird legalistic things. They're just awesome advice designed by the one who intimately understands how we work and what we need.