May 15, 2009

Romantic Providence

A friend recently told me an interesting story. She was taking a train downtown to meet her friends at the Sox game. She started talking with a guy on the train who was a scout for the opposing team. They walked to the ballpark together, and her friends had not yet arrived. It began to rain, so rather than wait outside in the rain for her friends who had her ticket, she accepted his invitation to come inside with him. Even after her friends arrived, she decided that her new seat, right behind home plate, was far better than getting a nosebleed with her friends. She enjoyed the rest of the game with her new friend. Instantly, I fell in love with not only the story, but the romantic possibility behind it. Now, I have no idea whether this man was mildly attractive or even in my friend's age group. But, if he had been, would we assume this to be a providential setup? Could it be that we try forcing ourselves into certain relationships/jobs etc. assuming them to be divinely guided whenever they stem from unique stories like this? And why is that how we assume God works?