May 10, 2007

Prison Pay-Off

So, Paris Hilton may have to go to jail for 45 days for driving a car with a suspended license. I'd like to propose a way out of this for her. In lieu of jail time, she pays the State of California $1,000,000. Now, I know what most of you are thinking. "That isn't fair." Why should rich people get out of paying for their crime simply because they're rich? But, that's the thing, I actually want her to PAY for her crime. I'm not proposing a way for rich people to get away with murder. This proposal would only be allowed for non-violent misdemeanors. Would $1,000,000 to help aid social issues in the State of California be a greater good than Paris Hilton sitting in prison for 45 days? It depends what you think the prison system in this country is for? Is it for people like Paris Hilton to learn her lesson? Or is it for her to PAY for her crime?