September 2, 2011

Plus Size Clothing Stores

There are a couple exclusively plus-size clothing stores for women that have popped up around my area.

Designed specifically for women sizes 14 and up, these stores offer moden accesible fashion that better fits the plus-size female. They don't shy away from stating who they are. "Plus-size clothing" is in the store's headline. Plus-size models are plastered on the windows.

Here's my question regarding this business model. Are girls, especially younger girls, going to be slightly embarrassed to be seen coming out of these stores by people they know? Are they going to be embarrassed when someone asks them where they got their beautiful sweater?

I know these stores exist precisely because the mainstream brands are awful at this segment, often, sadly, by intention. But, is this the solution or a gateway step?

I'm prepared for the "how dare you! Girls shouldn't be ashamed of who they are!" comments, but if you can, let's avoid those, pretend I'm not evil, and actually address the question I'm presenting.

Are teenager girls going to be ashamed to be seen in these stores? And if so, is this the long-term solution to modern, fashionable plus-size clothing?