May 17, 2011

PG-13 Version of Bridesmaids

If the recent Judd Apatow offering, Bridesmaids, had been rated PG-13, it may have become one of my favorite comedies of all time.

Kristen Wiig has been my favorite Saturday Night Live cast member for years now. Her comedic timing is simply incredible (the most essential ingredient in humor pie.) Also, before this film, I wasn't familiar with Melissa McCarthy, who stars as "Molly" on the CBS comedy, "Mike and Molly." She is out of this world good. Specifically, in regards to...well, timing of course.

The consistent dry, clever, SNL-wit of this movie is simply amazing. But equally interspersed throughout are weirdly gross attempts at sexual humor.

"You're such a prude, Eric." Maybe. Maybe that's all it is. But, I want to understand the goal of this humor. Is it akin to the F-word in stand-up comedy? Just a weird segue that makes stupid people laugh? If the sexual comedy was really clever, I don't think I would mind so much? It's not. It ruins it for me. And it also prevents an entire age bracket from gaining admittance to the film.

Would stupid people actually leave the theater disappointed if this comedic pornography were removed? Maybe. But, the film also stops short of being brilliant because it's there.