February 15, 2011

Only Meryl Streep Pulls Off 40-60

Ok, now let's flip the shoe (or heel) and talk about women today. I saw a great tweet, paraphrased, "If you want to see what Jennifer Aniston will look like when she gets old...go see that new movie she's in."

Pretty funny, right? It's also pretty true. Aniston is now 41 years old. And 40-60 doesn't play in Hollywood. Well, at least in the leading lady sense. Don't believe me? Consider Aniston's latest role in this Adam Sandler film. She plays the faux ex-wife meant to make Sandler's legitimate (and much younger) love interest, jealous.

Wait, what about Sandra Bullock? Yes, the beautiful Sandra Bullock is 45. And in her latest acclaimed role, "The Blind Side", she played... a mom.

(quick transition) My wife and I grew up disliking the incomparable Meryl Streep. I know. We were crazy. Why? Because while 60 now, while we were growing up, she was the lone 40-60 year old leading lady in Hollywood. And she typically played mean, ugly or both. What else would she be good for? And now that she's settled into her roles as an older woman, she is blowing my wife and I away, and now we're re-watching her entire catalog, mesmerized by her magnificent acting.

She was simply all alone for 20 years, and it was weird. Yes, there's a few like Diane Keaton (now 64) who have pulled off "leading lady" throughout their entire careers, but in the last 20 years, it's been through either untraditional Hollywood fare or Mom roles where there are multiple love interests in the story.

There is no place for a 41-year old Aniston in Hollywood as it exists. And I believe that you will see her in far less movies for the next 20 years before her resurgence in the early Fall of her life.