January 30, 2008

Only a Taste

When I was in high school, I attended a Dave Matthews concert at Soldier Field. It was a "spiritual" experience for me. The beauty in the music - the shared purpose of 40,000 people. My heart became noticeably full, and I felt privileged to be there that night. Since then, I have experienced God moments, both alone, and through a corporate setting like a church, that have profoundly trumped that concert experience. But, the physical feeling was fairly similar. So, I finally think I can understand the enthusiasm witnessed at these political rallies I see on television. To me, the rhetoric and audience repetition is condescending. But, now I realize, this is simply liturgy for the unchurched. Just as I attended church while listening to Dave Matthews sing #41, hearing some of these candidates talk passionately about how together, we're going to change the world, is the closest many of these people have ever come to a true God experience. But for those who have experienced both, it's not even close. An Obama rally may be our generation's new Dave Matthews concert. But it's not church. He's a man, not your Savior.