February 5, 2010

Obama Just Lost Me

Not to say he ever had me. We disagree on many things. But, I really liked the guy. He looks good and sounds great. But, for all of the rhetoric about changing the game in Washington, the dude is absolutely playing it. Just a few days after the State of the Union address, Obama met with the GOP directly to answer some of the questions they had.

First, massive kudos for him agreeing to this. It is in situations like this where the truth really comes out. That's why my ideal presidential debate during the campaign would have been for Al Franken to have interviewed McCain and Rush Limbaugh to have interviewed Obama. You get to the heart of things a lot quicker.

I had been under the impression (based solely on Obama's rhetoric during and pre-SOTU address) that the Republicans have posed no solutions to the healthcare debate whatsoever, and were simply the party of "no". Sound familiar, right? After listening to this speech, Obama admits that the Republicans have written and submitted countless comprehensive healthcare proposals over the past year.

Feel free to listen to this if you have a free hour some time. It's great stuff. But, it absolutely enraged me at the same time.

What Obama is really interested in is NOT Republican ideas, but what they need changed in one of the working democrat proposals in order to actually VOTE for it. And this makes total sense. The Republicans are the minority party. They don't get to call the shots. But, I feel like Obama could provide the whole country with some insight to this debate with a 2-minute HONEST monologue. But, for some reason, he thinks this game makes more sense.