July 29, 2009

Obama Care

Ok, as a man of the people, I have decided to listen to the readership, and create a post on the universal health care debate going on right now. Mainly so those of you interested in voicing an opinion on the matter can converse in the comments section of this post. My main goal, as I have mentioned in previous posts regarding universal health care, is to lower the actual costs of care by improving price transparency in order to increase competition between health care providers. What I find fascinating about this whole current debate is that the election of Obama has strangely convinced me how relatively conservative the nation is. I honestly didn't expect there to be that much outcry about this issue. Especially from Democrats on his own side. I mean, this is the best opportunity (with a fillibuster-proof majority in the Senate and unemployment causing the visibility of so many people without coverage) to pass universal coverage in our nation's history. And yet, it's getting held up. Ok, have at it.