January 17, 2012

No One Really Knows What They’re Talking About

Person #1: "The Bears need to run the ball more."
Person #2: "But, Jacksonville's D-line was putting 8 in the box."
Person #1: "Umm...."

Person #1: "We need to get our troops out of Afghanistan."
Person #2: "What do you see happening to the Pashtun South after our exit?"
Person #1" "Umm...."

Person #1: "Jesus died to set you free."
Person #2: "Do you believe the resurrection offers universal reconciliation through unlimited atonement?"
Person #3: "Umm...."

Ever catch yourself in a conversation with someone who actually knows what they're talking about? It's not until then you realize how little you actually know.

We are all smart. We are all well intentioned. And we don't have any idea what we're really talking about.

We have pieces. We may have more than the guy next to us. But, we can't see the whole puzzle. And yet, we're so utterly confident.

But, our certainty comes not from too much knowledge, but too little.