June 17, 2011

MyGofer: A Review and Astonishment

MyGofer is a online grocery service that lets you order online (growing selection through Sears/KMart parent company), and pick them all up through a brick-and-mortar drive-through location. (Think Peapod at WalMart prices without the delivery charge - since there's no delivery).

And since I work at a local university, we are a part of MyGofer's beta program, which allows us to order groceries from ANY retailer. So, every week, MyGofer drives to Whole Foods for me (30 minutes away), picks up my order, and drives directly to my car in the parking lot at work to drop it off. No surcharge. No extra tax. No delivery fee.

How is this possible? It's a test program. Their long-term monetization model would be from becoming a "wholesaler", either from the distributor or even bulk pricing from the retailers themselves. It might not be profitable. But, until then, I'm taking advantage of it. Here's my problem.

No one else is. There are currently only 2 other people at my place of work using this free service (out of roughly 600). I tell people about my experience. I gush about it. How it saves my wife 2 hours a week, every week. How it costs nothing. And they won't try it.

This is why the world doesn't evolve quickly enough. Because people are irrational.