January 14, 2011

Music is Awesome: A Summary

I really appreciate your patience these past two weeks as we tried to figure out what makes music awesome. This was extraordinarily helpful for me to think through before starting this next album this year.

Now, I want to be clear that I don't believe these 7 flavors are THE 7 flavors. This was pretty stream-of-consciousness, just thinking through some different reasons why music is awesome, including:

Salt as Syncopation
Potato Chip Crunch as Beats
Sweet as Sweetness
Umami as Ethereal
MSG as the Hook
Gourmet Dining as Meaning
Sweet and Sour as Contrast

I will probably refine this list as I go through the recording process this year. But I love having this temporary cheat sheet for me to look at as we go. So, I can listen to a song, see that it sucks, and go, what ingredient might I add?